• November 23, 2016
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  • Galileo Silver Screen

Date and Time

November 23-27, 2016


Pobeda Cinema
Internacyjanaĺnaja Street, 20
+375 17 203-77-66

A festival of Austrian films

A collaboration of: CoolConnections Art Group, Galileo Silver Screen Cinema, Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow

“The Best of Austrian Cinema,” a film festival featuring acclaimed Austrian productions, will take place in Minsk as part of the Austrian Cultural Season in Belarus, with support by the art group CoolConnections. With Austrian directors being highly acclaimed on the international film festival circuit, it is especially interesting to take a look at the origins of the Austrian style.

The festival will present Austrian national cinematic masterpieces of different periods, from the 20th and 21st centuries. Austrian directors are renowned for their masterful craft across various genres, skillful direction of actors, and ability to tell complex and fascinating stories. The festival will feature works by such famous directors as Wolfgang Glück, Peter Patzak and Franz Antel, as well as past and present movie stars, including Romy Schneider and Karl Markovics. The festival will showcase both internationally acclaimed films and ones that simply demonstrate the originality and uniqueness of Austrian cinema.


General sponsor: Kronospan

Supported by: Austria Advantage, Kupala Vienna Insurance Group