• March 14, 2017
  • 10:00
  • Minsk State Linguistic University

Date and Time

14 March 2017

Entry begins at 9:30 (local time)
Start: 10:00
End: 17:30


Minsk State Linguistic University
Zakharov Street, 21
+375 (17) 284-8143

Symposium „Elective Affinities“ on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship Belarus-Austria

A Symposium about cultural identities, European ways of thinking and cultural heritage. One of the key events of the Austrian Cultural Season in the Republic of Belarus will be a symposium dedicated to cultural affinities.


10:00 Welcoming words and the beginning

  • Welcome words by Rector of Minsk State Linguistic University (5 min.)
  • Introductory speech by Prorector Univ. Prof. Dr. Anatoli Gorlatov, Director of the Austrian library in Minsk (5 min.)
  • Oleg Kravchenko, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus
  • Ambassador Mag. Alexander Bayerl, Ambassador of the Austrian Republic in the Republic of Belarus, holds a speech on the festive occasion (5 min.)
  • Ambassador Dr. Emil Brix, Ambassador of the Austrian Republic in the Russian Federation, holds a speech on the festive occasion from the European point of view of the Austrian Ambassador in Russia (5 min.)

Moderation: Simon Mraz, Director of the cultural forum

10:40 the introduction part ends

10:45 Panel discussion 1: What makes one a European?

  • Dr. Erhard Busek (Chairman IDM)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Schmatz (Austrian writer, requested)
  • Artur Klinau (bel. artist, writer und publisher)

Moderation: Mag. Georg Dox

12:10 End of the panel discussion 1

12:15 Panel discussion 2: Is there a cultural area in Central Europa?

  • Ambassador Dr. Emil Brix (Austrian Ambassador in Moscow)
  • Prof. Dr. Yuriy Stulov (Head of the university chair for the world literature) as participant (proposed by prof. Gorlatov)
  • Arseni Sivitski (Director of the Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies CDFPS, Minsk, requested)

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Anatoli Gorlatov

13:30 End of the panel discussion 2

13:30-14:20 Lunch break with the buffet

14:30 Panel discussion 3: What means cultural heritage and cultural memory?

  • Prof. Dr. Jacek Purchla (President of the Polish National Commission of the UNESCO, director of the International Cultural Center)
  • Dir. Raman Matulski (Director National Library of Belarus, requested)
  • Direktor Nikolay Skobelev (Director of the Museum for the Great Patriotic War. requested)

Moderation: Andriey Moskvin

15:50 End of the panel discussion 2

16:00 Presentation of magazine editions

Presentation of magazine editions „Dziejslou“, „ARCHE“, „Verasin“ with the main focus on the contemporary Austrian literature, that were published in context of the Austrian cultural season in Belarus and „pARTisan“ with its project in cooperation with the University of Linz.

  • Andriey Moskvin (Project curator „Austrian literature in Belarusian magazines“, about the current state of the literature creation in the so called Eastern European area and Belarus)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Schmatz (writer, about the current state of the Austrian literature)
  • Mag. Georg Dox (Project curator „Austrian literature in Belarusian magazines“, about the choice of the involved writers)

The magazines „Dziejaslou“, „ARCHE“, „Verasin“ and „pARTisan“ will be introduced to the audience by their representatives. The participation was confirmed by:

  • Anatoli IVASHCHANKA – magazine „Dziejaslou“
  • Valer BULHAKAU – magazine „ARCHE“
  • Tania ARCIMOVIC – magazine „pARTisan“
  • Barys PIATROVICH – magazine „Dziejaslou“
  • Eduard AKULIN – magazine „Verasin“

17:30 End of the presentation and of the event